Di Walsh

04 Feb 2015

Tangible always replies to me very promptly.  He quickly fixes my problem or patiently talks me through fixing it myself.  My Society is very happy with our website and with the continuing maintenance of it.

Nigel Graber

05 Apr 2015

Tangible is the 'geek' with a great sense of what technology means in the real world. He's a talented coder who can design, too. And he's a great bloke who'll do anything for anyone - even if they're 12,000 miles away.

Ross Dolbel

10 Dec 2013

Payphones Service Australia [PSA] engaged the services of Between Coffees some 12 months ago. Anthony has done an exceptional job on our web page, it is extremely professional, easy to peruse and has all the relevant business information. This cou

Robyn Middleton

08 May 2014

UAE Rheumatology Association web site is going from strength to strength following the appointment of Tony Malloy as Web Site Manager. Our ever-evolving site will ensure that it is the pre-eminent UAE web site for rheumatology information of benef

Susannah Bowen

10 Oct 2013

onlinewheels LLC

As a not-for-profit organisation, we needed some web help to give us a professional look, easy to update and within our budget. He quickly understood what we needed and fulfilled it with fabulous turnaro